Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary - Est 2009
Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary - Est 2009

Treatment list



1hr USUI REIKI UNIVERSAL ENERGY - with a Master                                                     1hr £35

 The deepest form of relaxation using subtle, healing energy and meditation.                                                    

2hrs AROMATHERAPY BLISS (Inc personally prescribed oils)                                  2hrs £65  

Full body massage to include scalp, face, dècolletage, arms, hands, fingers legs, feet, toes and back, using prescriptive, essential aromatherapy oils chosen to suit your individual needs. Nourishing the skin whilst calming and clearing the mind, draining the body of toxins, leaving you to relax and escape for 2 hours of absolute bliss. Totally luxurious



NEW!  HANDS & FEET TREAT                                                                                           1hr £45

Foot soak, scrub and massage, with a brew PLUS hand soak, scrub and massage using Neal's Yard Organic luxurious products - give your hands and feet the treat they deserve.


2hrs AROMATHERAPY BLISS WITH HOT STONES                                                        2hrs £75

(including personally prescribed oils

What better way to spend a cold and rainy Saturday in the warm sanctuary with hot, smooth basalt stones, which transfer positive ions from the earth's layers from which they are made to get deep into muscles, further easing stress and deep tension; warming muscles and bones, easing arthritic pain.  The stones are placed on your body, between your toes and used for massage as you are cocooned in warm oils to lift your mood and soothe your spirit - deeply relaxing!



(includingpersonally prescribed oils)                                                                       60mins £50

Full (or part) body massage targetting tension areas.  Hot stones use positive earth energy and deep heat to soothe pain, tension, arthritis, fybromyalgia, etc - keep warm, keep well.


1hr AROMATHERAPY BLISS (part body massage, personally prescribed oils)           1hr £44

An hour of bliss using prescribed aromatherapy oils to nourish the skin and calm the mind, pure pleasure. Choose a combination of massage for scalp, face, chest, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back, feet.


RELAXING RITUAL                                                                                                             1hr £50

Aromatherapy back massage AND Neal's Yard Organic Facial - one hour for you to deeply relax and wake feeling refreshed and revitalised.


PREGNANCY MASSAGE (inc facial)                                                                            75mins £60

Ease any aches and enjoy a blissful pregnancy including a Neal's Yard Organic facial - can only be performed from 12 weeks.


BODY COCOON                                                                                                           60mins  £44

Your body is brushed then moisturised using organic body butter, wrapped in a scrumptiously soft cotton sheet, includes head massage AND foot massage - bliss!


NEW!  BODY COCOON PACKAGE                                                                     1hr 20mins £62

As above including a 20mins back massage and a brew!  This package is very popular.


HOT STONES BACK MASSAGE                                                                                  40 mins £35

Deep heatand a longer back massage with placing of stones to further ease out tension and knots - using personally precribed aromatherapy oils. Includes back, neck, shoulders.


AROMATHERAPY BACK MASSAGE                                                                          30 mins £24

Personally prescribed oils. Includes back, neck, shoulders, scalp. Pure pleasure


BLISSFUL BACK MASSAGE                                                                                         30mins  £28

Back is brushed to help drain the lymph; exfoliation will then rid the skin of dead skin cells and help get blood circulating then a beautiful massage including hot stones will give your back the care it deserves!


NEAL'S YARD ORGANIC FACIAL                                                                               45mins £35

The finest organic products used: cruelty-free, fairtrade, fairwild, soil association certified, 100% safe and ethical to enhance yourskin's  natural glow.  Includes cleanse, exfoliation, tone, massage, mask, serum and moisturiser bespoke to your skin's needs PLUS a short head massage. 


1hr LUXURY FACIAL                                                                                                          1hr £40 

Using Neal's Yard Organic products: soil association certified, fairtrade, fairwild, cruelty-free, safe and ethical, enhancing your skins natural beauty, giving a soft and glowing complexion - Deep double cleanse, exfoliation, tone, massage including gua sha uplifting and lymph draining, eye and lip serum, facial serum and moisturising massage PLUS hair and scalp massage using products to nourish and condition your hair.


AROMATHERAPY HEAD MASSAGE                                                                           30 mins  £24

IIncludes scalp. face, chest, neck and shoulders. A truly wonderful aromatherapy massage to drain toxins from the lymph, clear the mind and relieve pressure to head and sinuses. Bliss! My favourite.


TREAT FOR FEET                                                                                                           45mins £28

Feet are first soaked in the footspa with aromatherapy oils, then scrubbed and massaged. Your feet and calves are left tingling, soft and refreshed. An uplifting experience.


FOOT & CALF MASSAGE                                                                                             30 mins £24

Choose your favourite aromatherapy moisturiser to reinvigorate/refresh and smoothe feet and calf muscles, sit back and breathe in the aroma, soothe your soles and your soul!


HAND & ARM MASSAGE                                                                                              30mins  £25

Exfoliation, massage, hot stones, mask, hot cloths - perfect for aching/arthritic hands.


BESPOKE BATH AND MASSAGE OILS                                                           FROM £8 - £20

Using personally prescribed essential oils, add: salts/petals/flowers then tied with ribbon - the perfect gift for someone special - maybe even YOU!




Bloom Sanctuary

Tytherington, Cheshire SK10


Please note:  We operate a 48hrs cancellation policy - to avoid charges, please contact us if you need to rearrange your appointment with 48hrs notice, thank you.




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