Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary - Est 2009
Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary - Est 2009

       Cheshire honey for sale -                   when available



The bees are now busy when the sun is out but we are now in the "June Gap" when spring flowers are over and pollen is more difficult to find!  Plant lavender, yarrow, blooms which are easy for the bee to get pollen from, wild flowers, wild roses, dandelions...

At other times, in the cold and rain, they still huddle together in the hive to keep warm and dry and to preserve energy.  Let's pray for some warm and lovely sunshine now so we can have some honey - the first lot has gone to those who were on the list and we are awaiting more...we have to make sure the bees have enough to survive first, then we can take any surplus.  When rain gets on their wings, they cannot fly home and can therefore starve or freeze to death.  If you see a honey bee resting on the ground (looks like a very small wasp!) you could help it by giving it a saucer of water with stones in for it to stand on to get a drink without getting wet - you could also add sugar/honey to feed it and help the whole of humanity because without the bees, we cannot survive! 

PLEASE NEVER USE PESTICIDES!! Warm water with salt poured on weeds is all that is needed - remember, a weed is just a flower in the wrong place!  Bees LOVE dandelions!


Other plants the bees love are lavender, cosmos, yarrow, marigolds, sunflowers, golden rod, snowdrop, ivy, crocus, fennel, geraniums, asters, poppies...


We hope to have more honey available soon...





Please bring your empty jars back for recycling - thank you.



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