Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary
Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary

COVID PAGE - Business guidelines and policy

UPDATE OCTOBER 2020 - After guidance from the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) of which I am an Associate Member, from Professional Beauty and extensive research on www.gov.uk  as Cheshire East is now a high risk area - I am pleased to say that I am still ALLOWED TO STAY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  All precautions are still in place with PPE, ventilation, sanitiser, extensive cleaning (as usual) and I also have my trace and track app (NHS QR CODE) displayed for your use.  Thank you for your continued support!

Dear Customer,

I hope you are well and that you are starting to enjoy more time outdoors and seeing friends and family, now that we are slowly and safely moving out of the lockdown.

Following our government’s recent announcement, I am now OPEN FOR BUSINESS again!!

I am very excited to be able to support you in person again and it is only natural that you might have one or two concerns about resuming close contact with someone outside of your household.

As such, I would like to start by letting you know some of the measures I have put in place to help protect your health and wellbeing at this time:

• I am following guidelines issued by the government, NHS and my professional association, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, regarding safe and hygienic practice and the use of any personal protective equipment (PPE).

• I have carried out a full risk assessment of my therapy business to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19).

• I have completed a certified infection control course and introduced enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures to my practice.

• I am closely monitoring my own health, and that of my clients, to ensure neither party is put at risk of contracting COVID-19.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your next appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable resuming your treatments, so please feel free to ask me anything, no matter how small.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon!!

Kind regards,


Reiki Master/Teacher – treatments/shares/attunements

VTCT Dip 3 Aromatherapist – qualified to prescribe your own unique blend of essential oils

Meditation Facilitator – classes on Wednesdays at 8pm

Holistic Therapist – aromatherapy massage/hot stones

Corporate Therapist

Senior Spa Therapist – Champneys@Mottram Hall






Written for and by


On 04.06.2020












In accordance with the Gateway Workshop

Covid-19 certified course JUNE 2020



www.gatewayworkshops.co.uk  Est 1998

Training School for Massage, Beauty and Healing

Tel 0333 121 0742




P3.  Introduction

P4.  My Responsibility To You As The Client

P5.  Your Responsibility To Me As Your Therapist

P6.  Changes You Will See in Bloom Sanctuary

P7.  Corporate Wellbeing Days

P8.  General Data Protection Rules

P9.  Appendices






I have taken this opportunity to research and undertake the certified Covid-19 Health and Safety course provided by Gateway Workshops, Training School for Massage, Beauty and Healing, in order to protect you, the client and of course, myself as much as possible from potential risks associated with the Covid-19 virus, including contamination and spread, by utilizing best practice as recommended by Gateway Workshops and other research I have conducted independently (see appendix A).





4.  My Responsibilities To You As The Client 


I have undertaken a thorough review of my treatment room and areas used by clients (including bathroom, hall, porch and front entrance) and undertaken training to ensure you the client are cared for in a safe, hygienic and professional manner.  I have now been trained to ensure each treatment upholds best practice, including hygiene and safety.  I have reviewed my treatment menu and removed treatments where necessary. 


My responsibilities to you are to protect you from any germs prevalent including on any surfaces, porous materials/substances and airborne that you are likely to come into contact with/touch.


  • I will deep clean all potential areas/surfaces by thoroughly disinfecting before and after each client.  This includes all door handles, surface areas, floors, massage couch, hot stones, towels, trolley and products, bathroom and hallway, front door, brushes, bowls, all equipment and anything else deemed necessary (this list is not exhaustive)!


  • Disposable items will be used where necessary and more sustainable items will be used wherever possible.


  • I will wear gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) including a vinyl washable (sustainable) apron during treatments where required/appropriate.  I wash my uniform every day.  I wash my hands before and after every treatment and in-between, where necessary.  Towels and any soft furnishings will be washed after every client at 600C.  PPE will be washed/disposed of before and after every client.


  • I will no longer use pillows as per guidelines but I can use a towel/uPVC bolster instead.


  • It is no longer possible to use a heated blanket.


  • Adequate ventilation will be adhered to with doors and windows open wherever possible.


  • If you would prefer to bring your own towel(s), pillow, face cloths, slippers, dressing gown, plastic gloves, a face mask, drink, pen, etc you are very welcome to do so.


  • I will take my temperature before every client and if I do have a temperature, a persistent cough or am feeling unwell in any way, I will let you know and rearrange your appointment.    






5.  Your Responsibilities to Me As Your Therapist


  • I ask you, my customer to take your temperature before you arrive and if you do have a temperature or feel unwell, or if any person in your household has a temperature or feels unwell or is self-isolating, PLEASE DO NOT COME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT BUT RING ME TO REARRANGE.


  • PLEASE wash your hands before and after your treatment/use hand sanitiser.


  • You can wear a face mask if necessary and gloves if you wish.


  • Feel free to bring your own towel, face cloth, pillow if you wish.


  • You can bring your own drink if you wish.


  • Feel free to bring your own hand sanitiser if you wish.


  • You can bring your own pen if you wish.


  • I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have; feel free to contact me at any time.  Please leave a message if I cannot get to the telephone and I will return your call.


  • If you have any symptoms after the treatment such as a cough, a temperature, loss of smell/taste or feel ill in any way, please let me know as soon as possible.


  • You are very welcome to pay by bank transfer if you wish.


  • If there is anything else I can do to enhance your comfort, please let me know.






6.  Changes You Will See At Bloom Sanctuary:


  • I can no longer provide a pillow for your comfort, but I can use a folded towel and a UPVC bolster instead.


  • I can no longer use a heated pad on the massage couch.


  • I will ventilate the treatment room regularly.


  • The door handles, surfaces, floor and any other surfaces you may need to touch will all be sanitized before you arrive and after you leave.


  • Towels and all soft furnishings will be washed after each client at 60C.


  • I will wash all my PPE before and after each client.




7.  Corporate Wellbeing Days


  • The room will be ventilated before and after each client


  • The room and all equipment, surfaces, PPE, items likely touched will be sanitized before and after each client


  • PPE will be worn and freshly washed/disposed of before and after each client (gloves, mask, apron where appropriate).


  • Couch roll will not be used.


  • Pillows will not be used.


  • Heated blanket will not be used.


  • Used towels will be tied up in a plastic bag and washed at 60C after each client.


  • You are encouraged to bring your own towel, face cloth, PPE (if required), pillow, pen and anything else you may require.  I have a PVC bolster I can use under your knees for support which will be washed after each client.






  • If you have any symptoms after your treatment, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.


  • You are welcome to pay by bank transfer.


  • If I can do anything else to enhance your comfort, please let me know.


  • If there is anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me on Diana@bloomsanctuary.co.uk or on tel: 07707 914 026




8.  General Data Protection Rules:


I aim to be totally transparent in my information that I provide and if any information I provide to you verbally or written (within this policy or otherwise) is unclear to you, I have a responsibility to let you know in very clear terms and to be totally transparent at all times, so please ask if anything is unclear to you and I will explain fully in accordance with General Data Protection Rules (GDPR).  Thank you for your help and co-operation.






9.  Appendices:


P1. Introduction – research has been undertaken with Professional Beauty Salon Guidelines Covid-19 (www.professionalbeauty.co.uk  Tel: 01371851 875 Allington House, 25 High Street, Wimbledon Village, London S19 5DX

Also from www.champneys@mottramhall.com Tel: 01625 828 135 Wilmslow Road, Mottram, Cheshire SK10 4QT verbal guidelines/Covid-19 Policy in working practice




Diana M Grant

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

VTCT Dip 3 Aromatherapist

VTCT Holistic Therapist

Corporate Wellbeing Therapist

Senior Spa Therapist – Champneys @ Mottram Hall

Bloom Sanctuary, Tytherington, Cheshire SK10 2LD  Est 2009

Diana@bloomsanctuary.co.uk   www.bloomsanctuary.co.uk

Tel 07707 914 026



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