Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary
Welcome to Bloom Sanctuary

Bloom Sanctuary 



Its almost here...Summaah!  The hum of a passing bee on its way back to the hive, back pockets full of orange pollen; the chirruping chiff chaffs happy as the morning sun; blue tits flittering close by; A whiff of vanilla catches on the breeze from yellow rhododendron blooms as I lay on the cool grass, watching through the leaves the dappled sunlight and aeroplanes full of excited holidaymakers...a tabby cat appears out of the bushes and pads peacefully along to take a sip from the pond, gazing at pondskaters as they glide on by...tea and scones on the garden swing.  What do you love about summer?



The smell of a garden in full bloom...birds chirruping...tiger lillies...the songthrush...the heat of the sun on your back...gardening days...holidays by the sea ...ice and lemon in your drink...getting into last year's bikini...dappled sunlight through the leaves...the hum of the bees...honey...summer sandals...getting your toenails painted...brightly coloured blooms...opening all your windows to let in the breeze...soothing foot and calf massage with sweet smelling aromatherapy essential oils helping you drift off into a peaceful slumber!



 I'm pleased to invite you to my regular weekly 



WEDNESDAYS 7pm - 9pm

(Booking is essentail as numbes are limited)




              Where the birds sing, the bees hum and the tall trees sway in the gentle breeze...relax!




*  Usui Reiki Master/Teacher - Reiki therapy, Reiki shares and Attunements 

*  Aromatherapy Massage Therapist - aromatherapy products also available*  

*  Wellbeing Corporate Therapist

*  Neal's Yard Independent Consultant

*  Honey also available!


 - Gift Vouchers

 - Aromatherapy bath and massage oils

 - Natural and organic skin care for the whole body






Tues   10am - 8pm

Wed   10am - 8pm

Thurs  10am - 8pm

Fri       10am - 6pm

Sat     11am - 5pm












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